Excerpt from an article in London Jazz News by Brian Blain:

Friday evening, for example, at a free fringe show in the rear of our favourite watering hole The Red Lion, about 200 people sat in silence in beautiful warm summer weather to hear that was the perfect platform for  provided Sarah Bolter‘s terrific saxophone, flute and vocals with a great trio who were masters of groove and swing; Summertimeand Cantaloupe Island both had that lazy, subtle backbeat feel that was the perfect platform for her strong voice on alto and tenor. They were back again on Sunday morning in the same place with the addition of the magnificently ebullient Derek Nash, surely the most ‘up’ player on the London scene. Their jousting on a succession of familiar tunes, like Besame Mucho for example, was easy and comfortable; probably something to do with the fact that Nash has been recording Sarah’s group at his excellent Clowns Pocket studios. Pity though that his opening sets of the Festival proper with altoist Tom Waters‘ band were stymied by ferry disruption, but the inevitable jams at least revealed a young player with a biting, urgent sound that sounded really strong.

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